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How do know thorny Water Lily.?

Thorny Water Lily: A Gateway to Healthy Snacking.

Euryale ferox is an amphibian plant which is otherwise called Prickly Water Lily. It's a blossoming lasting animal categories in the water lily family, Nymphaeaceae.

How do know thorny Water Lily.?

Thorny Water Lily

Thorny water lily, known as "fox nuts" in the United States and "Phool makhana" in South Asia, is a heavenly and solid bite. It's eaten all alone, but on the other hand it's utilized in sweet and appetizing dishes in Indian and Pakistani food. Continue to peruse for really fascinating data on thorny water lilies.

What are Prickly Water Lilies?

Thorny water lily (Euryale Ferox), is a kind of water lily having a place with the family Euryale, that produces consumable seeds known as fox nuts or gorgon nuts. At the point when dried, these nuts are a well known food that is eaten all over Asia; they can be served either crude or cooked. Thorny water lily plants develop submerged, for the most part in lakes and wetlands.

Thorny water lilies are the main existing types of Euryale that are handily proliferated from seed. The leaves float on the outer layer of the water and are round and huge, normally 4 to 5 feet in length, with a sewed surface. These lilies have alluring purple blossoms that produce seeds called fox nuts. The seeds are green, round, and olive-molded, and are constantly picked in pre-fall and early harvest time. After the yield gather, the seeds go through a course of sun-drying, trailed by broiling. The broiled seeds become white, soft, crunchy, and a delightful nibble all alone.

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Albeit this plant has been developed and eaten in China for quite a long time, thorny water lilies are local to eastern and southern Asia and are tracked down locally in Korea, Japan, as well as certain pieces of Russia.

What Do Fox Nuts Taste Like?

Since foxnuts have a nonpartisan and somewhat nutty taste, they effectively retain the kind of fixings they're cooked with. Their surface is firm, bland, and crunchy, making them an optimal part for nibbling on.

Lotus Seeds Vs Water Lily Seeds

Lotus seeds are frequently mistaken for water lily seeds since the two of them are comparable by all accounts and taste, nonetheless, they come from two totally various plants. While water lily seeds come from the Euryale Ferox plant and are called makhana in India, lotus seeds are from the Nelumbo nucifera plant and are known as Nelumbo in India. Also, water lily seeds spring up when they are simmered, not normal for lotus seeds, and are generally sold broiled or dried, for use in cooking.

Cooking with Fox Nuts


How do know thorny Water Lily.?

The leaves and stems of thorny water lilies are palatable and can be utilized in soups, stews, and curries. The seeds, then again, are of extraordinary culinary significance in South Asian food. They are frequently simmered to make them pop similar as popcorn. Popped fox seeds are seductively crunchy to chomp on and are viewed as a sound lunch time nibble in India. You can cook the seeds in margarine or oil for a decent ten to twelve minutes followed by a liberal sprinkle of your #1 flavors. Here is a finished aide for sugar coated nuts that will function admirably for yielding sweet-hot, and crunchy fox nuts.

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Cooked entire foxnuts not just make an incredible expansion to charcuterie sheets, however they likewise give a good surface to breakfast bowls, energy bars, bread, and puddings. Fox nuts pair uncommonly well with cashews, almonds, coconut drops, walnuts, peanuts, jaggery, and caramel sauces. Take a stab at adding a modest bunch of popped fox nuts into our recipes for Nutty Bars, Caramel Apple Bars, and Pecan Pie Bars for more crunch.

In Indian food, fox nuts are utilized to set up a few flavorful recipes including palak makhana (spinach and fox nut curry), makhana sabzi (fox nuts with vegetables), and smooth makhana curry. You can make your palak makhana by trading paneer for fox nuts in our recipe for Palak Paneer. Cantonese food broadly utilizes fox nuts in soups alongside bits of meat, lotus seeds, and dates. Certain individuals likewise use ground fox nuts for making tea, milkshakes, as well as cooking flour for bread, dosas, and flapjacks.

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